Sexual Abuse Counselling

For Sexual Abuse Counselling, A person/victim of Sexual Abuse may feel shame, fear, anger, hurt, loss, low-self esteem, difficulties with emotional intimacy, sexuality, and trust.

Sexual Abuse Counselling Cork

It is estimated that between one in four people age of eighteen have experienced some form of sexual abuse either it be verbal or physical. For those who have suffered Sexual Abuse the pain and devastation of abuse can be extremely hard to talk about with those around them.
Sharing painful memories and unwanted feelings of guilt, shame and anger that they experiencing is difficult for them to talk about. Carrying the heavy weight of these memories and emotions inside making life seem simply unbearable.
Sexual Abuse Counselling and psychotherapy can offer a safe space to talk through abusive memories and discuss how they are affecting you in the present.
We provide a supportive and non-judgmental environment to help you deal with the intensity of emotion as we walk through your painful memories together. We can also equip you with a new perspective and tools to help you develop healthier coping strategies, to deal with any flashbacks and the pain of the abuse that you continue to experience in your present life.