Low Self Esteem Counselling

For Low Self Esteem Counselling, Low self-esteem is where someone lacks confidence and/or feels badly about themselves. Feeling awkward, incompetent, hypersensitive, fragile and unlovable are common among those suffering with low self-esteem.

Low Self Esteem Counselling Cork

Someone suffering low self-esteem sees rejection and disapproval in most situations in their life, whether it is home, school/college, work and in relationships.
The person living with low self-esteem live with the fear of making decisions that will expose or embarrass them.
Having a negative perception of oneself can have serious consequences where the person can avoid interactions with others act defensively, even lash out at others around them or internalise which can affect their relationship with eating and food issues, depression, social anxiety, co-dependency and self-harm.
Through talk-therapy for Low Self Esteem Counselling in a compassionate non-judgemental environment, an increase in understanding of the roots of self-esteem/shame can begin.
With consistent acceptance, compassion, and understanding the person in therapy feels free to explore/share their feelings of shame parts of themselves and begin to see then change their internal view of themselves.