Co-dependency Counselling

We have experience of running co-dependents awareness groups in Cork city. Codependency Counselling is when one or two are not being open and honest in their relationships. When someone feels they have to hide their own truth, reactions, and feel responsible for others and then become anxious and try to manage, control, and manipulate by pleasing to accommodate others, because they feel too guilty to say “No.”

Codependency Counselling Cork

Co-dependency could be what you are experiencing towards one person or most people in your life. Co-dependents generally grew up in dysfunctional families where abuse, rigid rules, addiction, or mental or physical illness was present.
In co-dependent relationships individuality and autonomy are not recognised or respected, this kills spontaneous in the individual. It has been found that co-dependency is passed down through generations in a family.
For many co-dependent people, they find themselves repeating the same unhealthy relationship patterns either it is with their partner, children, friends or work colleagues. The co-dependent person becomes enmeshment when clear boundaries about where you start and where your partner/other person ends are not clearly defined and reasons for staying in the situation could include shame, children, finances, fear and of the time you have invested in the relationship.
In Codependency Counselling individual therapy, we explore your thoughts, feelings, and behaviour of early childhood issues and their connection to current dysfunctional behaviour patterns. To help you understand your life experience and your relationships with others. Getting in touch with deep-rooted feelings of loss, hurt and anger that will allow you to reconstruct appropriate relationship dynamics and restore boundaries and the balance of power in the relationship.