Addiction Counselling

For Addiction Counselling the term addiction is used to describe a reoccurring compulsion (repeated behaviour) by an individual to engage in some specific activity despite harmful consequences to the individuals’ health, mental state, or social life.

Addiction Counselling Cork

What is an addiction…

Addiction is the struggle in controlling certain behaviour that keeps occurring to the extent that the consequences are harmful.
They come as a result of strong coercions to/of use certain things excessively often triggered by a need to escape from distressing emotions or circumstances.
Someone can be addicted to many things like alcohol, drugs, eating, gambling, sex, and internet use. Therapy to address after treatment/detox, when your body is no longer hooked, you’re at high risk for relapse.
In individual therapy, we strive to help you become aware of underlining conditions like depression, bipolar disorder, or another significant mental health condition that requires treatment in its own right, separate from your addiction.
In doing so we attempt to support you to come up with pragmatic solutions that are alternatives to relapsing. Through sharing and reflecting we support you to learn important strategies for coping with the temptations that lead many into relapse. With all of these aspects of psychotherapy, we feel successful recovery are greatly improved.